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At UPB Dental Academy, we believe that dentists must be profitable and valued in order to grow.  We believe that building structure and systemization are the solution to creating performers out of all team members in a dental office.  We deliver this through simple, profitable systems that deliver immediate results and accelerated growth in any dental practice.

UPB courses are designed by a dentist for dentists.

UPB Dental Academy courses are for dentists who want to pursue growth in their practice and who want to take control over the future of their business. Our online platform of tools, resources, and e-learning courses build on each other to enable you to achieve the success you want in your practice.

Dental Courses That Deliver Results

What you can expect from our courses

Systemization of Key Processes

Systems are the solution to creating performers and building a business that grows in any environment.


Rise In Case Acceptance

When you and your team learn to communicate the value of your services, case acceptance sky-rockets.


Increase In Revenue

UPB’s courses are designed to optimize key cost centres in your practice, leading to increased profitability.


Patient Care Optimization

The implementation and consistent application of impactful dental practice systems are key to the ultimate patient experience and incredible word-of-mouth referrals.


Customizable Implementation

This program is tailored to suit you and your practice. All systems can be implemented the way that best works for your office and your style.


Strategic Metrics and Ongoing Performance Enhancement

Knowing which key performance indicators to track and measure is critical to sustainable practice growth.



Since we’ve implemented UPB’s Ultimate Hygiene Program, our revenue and treatment acceptance has gone through the roof!


Dentist, Practice Owner

The moment we implemented the Ultimate Hygiene Program, it’s been a game changer.
Our clients love it, we’ve increased our care and revenue… and our periodontal therapy and restorative practices are growing everyday!


Dentist, Practice Owner

What I love is that real-world examples are discussed and they are the same as what I am experiencing as an associate. It gives a complete picture that is easy to relate to.


Dentist, Associate

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