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We know that if something is instantly gratifying, it will be repeated.  And the strongest force for any human being is something that affects their self-esteem.  If you can make someone feel good about themselves, they will love you for it.  They will be loyal to you.  That’s the bullseye in human relations. 

At the heart of the Ultimate Practice is its ability to satisfy the unconscious and perceived needs of its client better than any other office can, not just by doing what any office is supposed to do – fix teeth, do cleanings, be gentle – but by doing what is not even reasonable to expect you to do.  And to do that time after time. 

That is your purpose as a leader.  To design, build, implement, and improve the office Client Experience System, in order to differentiate your office in the mind of your client from all other offices who are trying to do the same thing.  So that your client sees your office as preferentially unique. 

Your Client Experience System includes every interaction you have with a person from the moment they become a client.  It is how you answer the phone, how you schedule, how you communicate, how you greet, how you ask for referrals, and how you say goodbye.  And the way you know how this system is working is by counting the referrals you get.  There are 3 ways to measure your success:

  1. # active patients – those that have been in your office in the past 12 months
  2. how much money per client do you bring in a year
  3. # referrals your clients make

The results of those 3 measures of success is your office’s single most important indicator of the effectiveness of your Client Experience System. 

So if you are setting up your Client Experience system, you must look at the world through the eyes of one who is committed to lasting relationships.  Without a commitment to lasting relationships, relationships that lead to other relationships with their friends and family, you don’t really have a system. 

There are 3 parts to building a Client Experience System. 

  1. The first benchmark in your Client Experience system is the moment your client walks in the door or calls your office. 
  2. The second one is other, general interactions with your client
  3. The third one is measuring

Each one needs to be defined, broken down into simple steps and measured. To help you create your own Client Experience system and for more information on this topic, or related topics, check us out on

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