Ultimate Hygiene Program

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This program is designed with one idea : optimize your hygiene department to grow your dental practice.

In order for a dental practice to grow, to be successful, to be profitable, and to deliver optimal client care, the hygiene department of that practice MUST be maximized.

When you fix your hygiene department, when you ensure that all your clients are seen at the recommended intervals and are accepting treatment, and when you do this consistently and efficiently, you will grow exponentially.

This program focuses on your dental hygienists and teaches them to follow some key, proven systems that give you incredible results, seamlessly and smoothly. Key objectives are:

  • To discuss the connection between periodontal disease and overall health, as well as systemic implications
  • To effectively assess a patient’s condition to determine ultimate treatment plan
  • To deliver a treatment plan and present each case based on the system presented in this program, known as the 7 screenings
  • To bring systemization and consistency to all your hygiene appointments in order to elevate client care to the ultimate level
  • To identify and establish needs/wants–based values in all clients in order to present comprehensive treatment and have it accepted
  • To create commitments and goals within your team in order to drive your practice success longterm




Structure and Systemization

Constant never-ending Growth


We believe dentists must have profitability in order to grow.

We believe in creating performers out of all team members in a dental office.

We believe that structure and systemization are the solution to sustainability in any environment.


We deliver this through simple, profitable systems that work in creating growth in a dental practice.

– Dr. Agatha Bis, UPB Dental Founder