Dental Practice Brand Image

Have you ever wondered why it is that some offices have a really strong dental practice Brand Image, while others struggle to define what it is that sets them apart from their competition?

What’s the difference between your business’ brand and your personal brand? Many people mistake their personal image with brand image so it’s important to understand the difference.

Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is different from your business brand, but it’s still important to pay attention to your personal brand. Your appearance matters and that is your personal image.

But your reputation and what you are known for as a professional takes time to build. It doesn’t happen overnight simply by changing your lab coat or giving your website a facelift. The look of what you are trying to be known for is different from what you look like.

Dental Practice Brand Image

The service, the quality of service, and what you are known for, is your brand. Whatever you want to be known for is what your brand is and that is what you have to do consistently in order to develop that into your brand. And that takes time and consistency. You want to reach a point where if a person says your name, people associate it with a word or phrase.

Some examples…

Some dentists are known for their free giveaways, like free whitening with a new patient exam

Others are known for being open all kinds of crazy hours.

And then there is also one dentist is your area that offers the most affordable treatment.

Those are their brands, whether they like it or not.

Those brands have been created, developed, and nurtured through consistent delivery on a central idea or mission.

How To Develop Your Dental Practice Brand

Developing your brand may seem like a daunting task, but you may find that you’re already doing it naturally. I recommend that you spend some time on the following steps.

Write down what it is you truly value as a professional, and determine whether you’re delivering on that, or whether you have further to go to become known for it. Set goals for yourself.

Determine what sets you apart. Sometimes it helps to sit down with a colleague or peer and have an honest heart to heart with someone you trust. Someone who knows you. Someone who understands the dental profession and who can lead a conversation.

Talk about how you perceive yourself, talk about your strengths and weaknesses, and talk about how you want to be perceived by other professionals and by your patients (never forget the value of referrals!).

UPB Tip: I recommend that you use your phone to record this conversation so that you can go back and listen through to it for reference. Sometimes we say and reveal things in the moment that we wouldn’t

Construct a Dental Practice Brand Image Positioning Statement

Positioning statements are useful tools for any brand. They allow you to distill your dental practice brand and its unique offering down to a few simple lines. Check out this great article for a step-by-step on how to craft your own brand positioning statement.

Now you may not necessarily need to go into this level of detail, but spending time on this exercise will help you to start thinking about your brand in more concrete terms.

Executing Your Dental Practice Brand With Consistency

Remember, there’s no point in having a brand without providing it with consistency. People need to understand your position, and this only comes through consistent execution. Once you understand your brand vision, start living, breathing, and communicating it daily. The rest will follow.

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