Takeaways from EverSmiles Toronto

We were excited and honoured to be invited to present at EverSmiles in Toronto on September 22, 2019.  There, we met with many dentists and were able to learn more about their struggles and dental practice challenges.  Some had bought a practice, others were starting on their own from scratch and others were in the process of taking over a practice.  Some of the most common challenges among everyone included:

  • How to bring new patients into the practice – marketing challenges
  • Patient retention issues, especially when taking over a practice and the previous dentist leaves
  • Staff issues, especially around old habits and an unwillingness to adopt change
  • Fear of being a leader, making decisions and communicating own vision
  • Fear of failure

Fear of…Everything

Fear in the face of change was a common factor when chatting with everyone. Many dentists are afraid to present comprehensive dentistry to their patients for fear of overwhelming them and that they’ll say no to everything.  They’re afraid of making any type of drastic changes to their operations, especially when staff is resistant to making those as well.  Becoming an effective leader that makes decisions, implements them and communicates them effectively is at the core of any change.  But how do you do that when your practice is already struggling?

I believe that any practice can be turned around.  I also believe that you can do whatever you envision, but it will take time and it will take a commitment to make small changes constantly.  In order to start on your quest to become your ultimate practice, you must have the basics in place.  And that’s your hygiene department.  That’s where you can make the most impact at the beginning.  Building a solid foundation in hygiene is key to making any other lasting changes that help you grow your business long-term.  Patients must be returning on their recommended intervals, and must value their time with the hygienist before you can start presenting more comprehensive treatment or trying to get out of the “insurance-box”.

Take It Step-By-Step

We are now working with a group of dentists through our Platinum Membership Program, where we help dentists achieve their ultimate practice, through coaching and active learning.  The Platinum Membership Program is ideal for dentists who are overwhelmed and feel totally unable to change.  This program is designed to be hands-on, which is unique, because it allows you to learn how to improve and grow each component of your practice, but with constant help, coaching and a step-by-step implementation strategy.  We break down the seemingly massive undertaking required for you to achieve your goals, into smaller, bite-sized pieces that allow you to go at your pace to create your ultimate practice.

Becoming a Leader

And to make all that happen, we teach you to become a leader. We provide dentists with proven processes to make them a success, but if they don’t have it in themselves to follow through when we leave, they will not be able to accomplish what they want to achieve.  So, teaching you to become a strong leader with the ability to implement changes effectively and long-term is key to overcoming your dental practice challenges and achieving your ultimate success.

Take the first step to achieving your ultimate practice by subscribing to our channel and start learning and growing your practice today.  For more information on the Platinum Membership Program, email us at results@UPBDentalAcademy.com