How to Become the Dentist You Have Always Wanted to Be

Many of us went to dental school with these big ideas and visions of who were were going to be.  Some of us thought we would become famous and known for being the cosmetic dentist to the stars or athletes.  Others dreamed of big money; and others looked forward to being free and independent. 

No matter what we all thought and envisioned, reality, for most of us, was very different on graduation.  Many dentists went into associateships or partnerships they didn’t like, and I often hear dentists complain that they don’t get to do the dentistry they want to be doing.  The typical dentist does not do enough cosmetic, implant, comprehensive dentistry, and is often overwhelmed with stress, compromised treatment, and constant management problems. 

On top of that, even if you know what your passion is, are you truly able to follow through on that passion when the constant stress of enormous overhead and personal bills is hanging over you?  Would you truly be able to become the dentist you imagined without sacrificing what you have right now?

And then the question is, should you even be following your passion, or should you just be grateful and happy with what you have?

For many dentists, the struggle to become who they dreamt of is difficult and often never reached.  Many give up, or do the wrong thing, and simply don’t allow themselves the steps and time in order to achieve that dream and make it reality. 

At UPB Dental Academy, we work with dentists to help them achieve their Ultimate Practice, the type of practice that they dream of.  We help you find out what it is you truly want to do, help you create a path to achieve that, and work with you, step by step, so that you can break through your comfort zone to move up to your next step.  Continuing education allows you the skills and the understanding of the type of dentistry you want to be doing but we, at UPB Dental Academy work with you on your case presentation, confidence, and ability to present to all types of patients so that you can start doing more of what you love to do. 

At the beginning of any new journey, it can feel overwhelming but once you hit momentum and start to see results, you will want to work at achieving this dream even more.  Consistency is key, and we help you find daily habits and routines to allow you to be one step closer to your dream, each and every day.

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