Effective Meetings


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One of the biggest influences on the health of a dental practice is communication.  An office where there is strong and clear communication gets smarter and stronger with time.  That’s because the people in that office learn from one another, identify critical challenges, and recover quickly from errors or issues, without drama, politics or confusion.  So how do we go about achieving crystal clear communication?  The answer lies in having great meetings. 

In order to have greater clarity and focus, and in order to improve communication and ensure that your staff knows exactly what is expected of them and when, it’s time to rethink your meetings, and rethink what you talk about in those meetings. All meetings need vision and structure. They also need a clear agenda, specific topics to cover, and a general protocol of how the meeting is supposed to run.  This program is a guide to help you shift your meetings so you can get things done in each one, with specific, clear definite actions that help you grow, help you create a better, more productive and efficient dental practice.

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