Mastering The Recall System


Imagine if you could walk into your practice and have predictable results every single time.  And imagine having a business that delivers these predictable results every single time, but without YOU doing everything all the time.  Imagine that kind of control!  Imagine knowing exactly what to expect every single day. The elimination of discretion or choice at the operating level of your business is crucial.  I am talking about systems.

How do you empower people?  You empower people by providing them with absolutely predictable ways to produce results.  Every single time.  You empower people by creating systems that work.  So the what, the why, the who, the when, and the how, the elimination of choice at the operating level of your business so everyone can produce exceptional results predictably every single time.

Systems take the guess work out of the equation and eliminate choices at the operating level of your business.  They allow everyone to know what to do, how to do it, in a predictable manner so your clients receive exceptional care each and every time.  This is important not only for the clients, but it’s critical for you.  So that you know that your staff is trained to do what you want them to do, and how you want them to do it, so that they get the results you are after, each and every time they interact with anyone.  Every single time.  That’s control.

One of the most common concerns in a dental practice today is having an effective continuing care system, also known as a recall system.  This is the one system in every practice that constantly contributes to practice growth, or its demise, if not properly managed.  Most offices now use software to run reports and gather data to see how many patients are due for their CC visit at any particular time.  Some practices still use the tickler system, which is simply a box of index cards that someone in the office has to constantly manage and follow up on.

But the big question remains: how do you know if all your patients are being seen ON time, when they are due for their recalls (not 3 months later) and how do you measure the effectiveness of your recall system?  How do you ensure the recall system is optimized and when is it time to add another hygienist?

Most dental offices think their patients are coming in at the recommended intervals when, in fact, over 80% of all patients are seen months after they are actually due (based on their dentist or hygienist recommendations).  This is a huge problem for several reasons.

First, if a patient should be seen every 3 months, that is four times a year, if those visits are not scheduled on time, this will result in a longer interval so less frequency annually.  So instead of coming in four times a year, they end up coming in three or even two times per year.  That reduces your revenue by 33-50%.

Second, whatever restorative work that would have been recommended and scheduled is now delayed, further driving your revenue down for that year.

Third, the patient’s periodontal care is not delivered on time and may deteriorate.

Forth, and this, I believe is most important, is that the patient learns that it’s really ‘not that important’ to come in at the intervals you recommended so they end up delaying coming in even more, resulting in a decreased perception of value of the periodontal program you have in your practice.  This has long-term impact on the success of your continuing care program and results in broad weakening of not only your patients value of their recalls but your staff as well.

Basically, the global belief becomes: if we can’t get them in on time then it can’t be that important. In this book, we show you the Greatest Recall System ever!  This system involves the following:

1. Simple system to implement immediately.

2. 100% efficiency with respect to scheduling ON TIME, at the recommended intervals.

3. Patient follow-up system that is fool-proof.

4. Tracking and accountability so everyone knows how the system is working and who is responsible at all times.

5. A simple report template so that you can know how the recall system is working in your office by looking at one clear report.

6. Allows for quickly knowing when to add a hygienist or expand the schedule to accommodate a growing increase in clients needing appointments.

7. Fun and interactive ways to keep your patients coming back and value their scheduled appointment time (reduces cancellations and  no-shows dramatically!).

In this book, we will reveal some simple yet very effective ways to grow and maximize your recall system and show you how your staff can report to you on a regular basis so you always know what’s going on and how well the system is working.  We will show you how you can achieve much more from your recall system than you ever dreamed of, to ensure the long-term ongoing success of your practice.  And most importantly, we will show you how to empower your staff, even if it’s a new staff member you just hired, and show them how they can implement this system into your practice effectively and immediately so that you can start to see its benefits right away.  This is the one system you want to have in your practice!  If you read this one book, it will change your practice forever!  You will exponentially grow your practice and you will see results immediately on implementing this system!