UPB Platinum Membership


$6,000 deposit on application to the program, $6,000 due on reserving a spot in the first coaching session, balance due at end of first session

An Unparalleled Opportunity for Learning & Networking

Limited to an exclusive group of serious players, the Platinum Membership provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with and learn from UPB Dental Academy teachers.

A one-time commitment, the Platinum Membership is an opportunity to receive a personalized level of coaching from the UPB Dental Academy organization. You will have access to attend UPB Dental Academy live events, and full access to all the online programs available through UPB Dental Academy in addition to the personalized coaching and support.

Membership Benefits

4 exclusive Platinum coaching development programs focusing on each key piece of the dental business, live and available for download after each session, giving you an opportunity to develop and ask questions to customize this program specifically for you and your practice.

What you get:

  • Online support during and after the program
  • 24/7 access to all UPB Dental Academy online programs
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exclusive access to an elite, high level peer group