The Ultimate Hygiene Program

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The Ultimate Hygiene Program is a guide to incredible growth and performance through the continuing care portion of your practice. In this program, you will learn how to transform your hygienists, impact your patients, and grow your practice to extraordinary levels. The systems we are going to show you are easy to implement immediately into your business so that you can start to grow instantly!

Take advantage of the Ultimate Hygiene Program to elevate your business to new heights through a simple, systematic approach to the way your hygienists perform and deliver client care in your dental practice.


Course Content


The introduction will take you through the entire program quickly and teach you how to navigate through it for greatest benefits. This program is a guide to incredible growth and performance through hygiene in your practice. Here you will learn how to transform your hygienists, impact your patients, and grow your practice to extraordinary levels.

Practice Success Curve

This initial portion of the program helps to educate the dentist on where he/she is in their business and what to focus on. This module will help you understand where your practice is with respect to growth and health. Understanding where you are on the Practice Success Curve is critical to knowing what to do next to help achieve maximum growth and results. Doing the right things at the wrong time may not give you the results you want so it’s really important to know where you are in your business so you can apply the right things at the RIGHT time for ultimate results long-term.

5 Ways To Optimize Hygiene

We start the program with this quick but extremely important section because it allows you to quickly improve your bottom line from the first day, in order to see results quickly, which then gives you time to learn the rest of the program and implement it for greatest growth. Optimization of hygiene includes 5 key pieces and results in better client care, smooth and consistent appointments, predictability with treatment and diagnosis, and an instantly improved bottom line.

5 Questions All Patients Have, But Don’t Ask

Knowing what your patients are thinking and most worried about is helpful in understanding them and helping them make good decisions when it comes to dental treatment. This section discusses the 5 most common hidden patient concerns and focuses on how to overcome their objections.

Value Model Workshop

This is a workshop to help all team members understand the value of your services as well as teach them, in a fun and interactive way, that money is not an objection to going ahead with treatment. This workshop is the key ingredient to shifting your team to believe in providing ultimate care and recommending and following through with ideal treatment no matter what “their insurance covers”.


This video teaches you the skills and ways of interacting with different types of people and how to get rapport with anyone. Building rapport instantly with your patients is critical to case acceptance as well as exceptional client care. Being able to create instant rapport leads to huge success in not only patients following through with ideal treatment, but allows you control and systemization with respect to how your team interacts with ALL clients. You probably have patients that you like and that like you and case presentation is easy with them. And then you probably have some patients that, well, no matter what you say or do, they are not happy or don’t accept treatment. This portion of the program will change that. It teaches you and your team the skills to build rapport with anyone, even if you don’t like them, so you can deliver better client service, a better experience, and an increase in case acceptance.

The Healing Model

This module is a 5 step system that mimics the medical protocols of treatment of all disease and is applied to dentistry to create complete patient compliance. It’s an easy-to-follow and implement process to help patients understand not only the immediate recommended treatment but also the ongoing maintenance portion of periodontal therapy.

Seven Screenings

This revolutionary system, called the Seven Screenings, is a quick and simple system that can be utilized at each hygiene appointment in order to dramatically improve case acceptance, compliance, and long-term follow through to all patient treatment recommended. This system quantifies 7 key parts of complete diagnosis and creates treatment recommendations that can be standardized across the entire office. That results in all hygienists performing at the same highest level, while the patient sees incredible value and understands the importance of following through on recommended treatment.

Background To Seven Screenings

This module is optional and can be used to further understand the background research behind the 7 Screenings. Those team members that want to understand and learn more about the 7 screenings will benefit from this module. If you are the kind of person that likes background information, then this is for you. If you are more like: let’s just go do it, then you can skip this section entirely.

The Cuticle Comparison

This BONUS module is a simple yet effective way to create a deep understanding of how important periodontal therapy is in your most reluctant patients. This module contains some interesting images and ways to present treatment to ensure your patients don’t miss their next periodontal therapy appointment.

10 Steps To An Ultimate Hygiene Appointment

In order to have the client see the value in the periodontal therapy appointment, we must deliver huge value and emotional influence. The 10 Steps to an Ultimate Hygiene Appointment are designed to achieve exactly that so that your clients leave your office understanding, wanting, and being committed to treatment. Delivery of these 10 steps will result in incredible shift in your patients and their motivation to not only follow through with recommended periodontal and restorative treatment, but remain committed at home with their maintenance.

COE: The Complete Oral Exam

This portion of the program reveals a revolutionary step-by-step process to the ultimate complete oral exam. This exam is done every 5 years on all our patients and helps solidify our treatment recommendations and supports ongoing maintenance visits. Showing your patients how they have changed, for better or worse, in the past 5 years based on what has been done or avoided, can be a powerful motivator to future acceptance of treatment if the patient has been hesitant in the past. I love this portion of the program as it ties everything together and allows you to really shift in order to impact your patients in a lasting and meaningful way.


This summarizes the key concepts of the Ultimate Hygiene Program and helps you integrate this program into your practice easily and consistently to produce incredible growth and profitability.