The Ultimate Hygiene Program

The Ultimate Hygiene Program

Optimize Your Hygiene Department, Grow Your Dental Practice!

In order for a dental practice to be successful, profitable, and grow, the hygiene department of the practice must operate optimally. The reality is that inefficiencies plague many hygiene departments, resulting in less than optimal client care and lost business for the practice. The Ultimate Hygiene Program focusses on addressing these common inefficiencies through the implementation of a number of key systems.

Who Is The Ultimate Hygiene Program For?

The Ultimate Hygiene Program Overview

How Will My Staff Improve?

The Ultimate Hygiene Program

Course Description & Objectives

The Ultimate Hygiene Program is an independent, self-directed continuing education course for dental professionals. It comprises 11 modules written by experienced dental professionals with the goal of optimizing the heart of the practice – the Hygiene Department.

Upon completion of the course content, students will be able to:

  • Bring systemization and consistency to hygiene appointments in order to elevate client care to the ultimate level
  • Effectively assess the patient’s condition to determine the best treatment plan
  • Deliver a treatment plan and present each case based on the system presented in this program, known as the 7 Screenings
  • Identify and establish needs and wants–based values in all patients in order to present comprehensive treatment and have treatment accepted
  • Create commitments and goals within the dental practice team in order to drive long-term practice growth and success
  • Discuss the connection between periodontal disease and overall health, as well as its systemic implications
Who Is The Course For?

New Dental Grads
The Ultimate Hygiene Program is ideal for new grads because it sets them up for success from Day One. They will learn how to deliver exceptional service and instill great habits that will set them apart from competitors.

Experienced Dentists
Busy dentists don’t always have time to train or spend time with their team in order to grow and improve. The Ultimate Hygiene Program introduces key systems to elevate, grow, and expand the practice without having to take a lot of time out of a busy schedule.

Retiring Dentists
Retiring dentists in the process of selling their practices should consider improving their Hygiene Department before getting an appraisal. Implementing consistent continuing care systems and processes results in higher appraisals! You worked hard to build your business; you deserve to get what it’s truly worth.  

Dental Hygienists
Hygienists are on the frontlines of the practice so it’s important that they are delivering consistently great service. The Ultimate Hygiene Program teaches hygienists key systems that elevate their patient care.

Dental Practice Managers
The Ultimate Hygiene Program provides Practice Managers with a platform and set of systems to follow that lead to a more efficient Hygiene Department. The program includes checklists that allow Practice Managers to oversee progress without having to micromanage through reporting and feedback.   

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The Ultimate Hygiene Program from UPB costs $1999 (CDN).

Course Content

The Ultimate Hygiene Program comprises the following modules and study areas.

  1. The Practice Success Curve
  2. 5 Ways to Optimize Hygiene
  3. 5 Questions All Patients Have But Don’t Ask
  4. The Value Model Workshop
  5. Rapport
  6. The Dental Healing Model
  7. Seven Screenings
  8. Seven Screenings Background Research
  9. The Cuticle Comparison
  10. The Ultimate Hygiene Appointment
  11. The Complete Oral Exam
Admission Requirements

The Ultimate Hygiene Program does not have specific course admission requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I practice dentistry outside of North America. Can I still take the course?

    Yes! The Ultimate Hygiene Program
     focuses on universal systems of client experience and treatment delivery that result in consistent and predictable client experiences. 
  2. How long does it take to complete the course?

    Typically the course takes between 7 and 20 hours to complete depending on the individual. 

  3. As a dentist, how important is it that I include my team?

    The key to success in any dental practice is involving the team.  Dental Hygienists and Practice Managers are the frontline staff who communicate with, treat, and educate clients. 

    The systems in this program are designed to include the team and teach them to implement these systems into the practice immediately so you can see results and growth in your business. The team is critical to the practice’s success and these results can be achieved much faster if the team is included in learning and implementing the program. 


  4. How quickly can I see results?

    You can see results immediately if you implement the program into your practice as you move through the modules. In fact, “5 Ways to Optimize Hygiene” will show you how to see results in the first day!

    More questions? Contact Us Today and we’ll be happy to help!

Course Includes

• 11 Modules Created By Dentists For Dentists

• Over One Hour of Video Content

• Certificate of Completion

• Downloadable PDFs

• Lifetime Access to Content


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